Shapefile of images targeted by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) Narrow Angle Cameras (NAC) for geometric stereo between 90°S and 60°S. Images were targeted to provide appropriate lighting conditions and imaging geometry for extracting terrain. Images with large amounts of jitter have been removed from this dataset. For more information on the imaging criteria used for acquiring stereo images, refer to: Henriksen, M. R., Manheim, M. R., Burns, K. N., Seymour, P., Speyerer, E. J., Deran, A., Boyd, A. K., Howington-Kraus, E., Rosiek, M. R., Archinal, B. A., and Robinson, M. S. (2017). Extracting accurate and precise topography from LROC narrow angle camera stereo observations. Icarus, 283, 122-137.

Polygon shapefiles are available in the IAU Moon 2000 Geographic Coordinate System in both the -180 to 180 and 0 to 360 longitude domains.

Longitude Domain Product Name

Shapefile Field Descriptions:

  • IMAGE_NAME: NAC name
  • URL: Download URL for the EDR image
  • VERSION_ID: PDS product version id
  • ORBIT_NUM: The number of the orbit on which the image was acquired
  • SLEW_ANGLE: The angle the spacecraft was slewed during image acquisition
  • MISSION: Phase of the mission when the imagery was taken
  • QUALITY_ID: The data quality id number; images with data quality ids greater than 8 are excluded, as they are missing information for mapping
  • START_TIME: The start time of image acquisition
  • EXP_TIME: The exposure duration for each line
  • LINES: The number of lines in the image
  • SAMPLES: The number of samples in the image
  • PX_WIDTH: The width (m) of a pixel on the ground
  • PX_HEIGHT: The height (m) of a pixel on the ground
  • RESOLUTION: The average pixel scale on the ground
  • EMISSN_ANG: Emission angle (degrees)
  • INCID_ANG: Incidence angle (degrees)
  • PHASE_ANG: Phase angle (degrees)
  • SUBSOL_AZI: Sub-solar azimuth (degrees)
  • SUBSOL_LAT: Sub-solar latitude
  • SUBSOL_LON: Sub-solar longitude
  • SUB_SC_LAT: Sub-spacecraft latitude
  • SUB_SC_LON: Sub-spacecraft longitude
  • CENTER_LAT: Latitude at the center of the image
  • CENTER_LON: Longitude at the center of the image
  • ALTITUDE: The altitude of the spacecraft
  • ASCORDESC: Whether the spacecraft was in ascending (A) or descending (D) mode
  • FLIGHT_DIR: Whether the spacecraft was flying +X or -X
  • SUN_DIRECT: Whether the sun is to the east (e) or west (w)
  • UL_LAT: Latitude of the upper left corner of the image
  • UL_LON: Longitude of the upper left corner of the image
  • UR_LAT: Latitude of the upper right corner of the image
  • UR_LON: Longitude of the upper right corner of the image
  • LR_LAT: Latitude of the lower right corner of the image
  • LR_LON: Longitude of the lower right corner of the image
  • LL_LAT: Latitude of the lower left corner of the image
  • LL_LON: Longitude of the lower left corner of the image

This shapefile contains the footprints of geostereo observations up through 2023-12-15.

NAC Stereo Observations (60S to 90S) Shapefile