Craters 5 km to 20 km in diameter (60N to 60S, 0 to 90E).

Vector map of lunar craters greater than or equal to 5 kilometers and less than or equal to 20 kilometers in diameter centered between 60N to 60S latitude and 0 to 90E longitude. The map base consisted of the monochromatic (643nm) LROC WAC morphologic map with a resolution of 100 meters/pixel. Crater rims were digitized at a scale between 1:250,000 and 1:500,000. This is one part of a six part series of lunar crater shapefiles.

When citing this product, use the following reference: Povilaitis, R. Z., Robinson, M. S., van der Bogert, C. H., Hiesinger, H., Meyer, H. M., & Ostrach, L. R. (2017). Crater density differences: Exploring regional resurfacing, secondary crater populations, and crater saturation equilibrium on the moon. Planetary and Space Science. doi:10.1016/j.pss.2017.05.006.

Polygon shapefiles are available in the IAU Moon 2000 Geographic Coordinate System in both the -180 to 180 and 0 to 360 longitude domains.

Longitude Domain Product Name

Shapefile Field Descriptions:

  • DIAM_KM: Crater diameter in kilometers
  • X_COORD: Longitude in degrees (-180 to 180)
  • Y_COORD: Latitude in degrees
  • TAG: Description of feature. Default set to "standard." Questionable features are marked with "?"

Craters 5 to 20 km (60S to 60N, 0 to 90E) Shapefile