This sub-solar longitude mosaic is composed of images with consistent lighting geometries (sub-solar longitudes from 105 to 115) selected to optimize illuminated terrain coverage over an Artemis III candidate landing site. For a first pass at offset correction, we used the results of aligning most of the LROC NAC images poleward of 84°S as described in Wagner et al. 2022 (LPSC LIII, Abstract no. 2573). For our second pass at offset correction, we compared the mosaic to the LOLA shaded relief product (5 m pixel scale). We estimate the absolute positional accuracy to be 5 to 20 m. [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University]

When citing this product, use the following reference: Henriksen, M. R., Burnette, S.R., Brown, H.M., Wagner, R.V., Robinson, M.S., Collins, W.M., Grieser, S.A., Boyd, A.K. (2023), Optimized Illuminated Terrain Coverage of the Candidate Artemis III Landing Sites with LROC NAC Controlled Mosaics. European Lunar Symposium,, pg 134-135.

For more information about this and other RDRs, see the RDR Software Interface Specification (SIS) at


The PRODUCT_ID naming convention for LROC NAC ROIs is:

NAC_ROI_xxxxxxxxSSv_AyyyBzzzz[_##M].IMG where

  • NAC_ROI = indicating it's a NAC ROI product
  • xxxxxxx = words specifying the sitename (8 characters)
  • SS = LO for low Sun angle or HI for high Sun angle
  • v = incremental character for distinguishing multiple mosaics with similar lighting of the same region. Letters are used for individual mosaics and numbers are used for composite mosaics composed of mulitiple controlled mosaics.
  • A = projection type (E for equirectangular, P for polar stereographic)
  • yyy = center latitude to the nearest 10th of a degree
  • B = N for northern hemisphere, S for southern hemisphere
  • zzzz = center longitude to the nearest tenth of a degree. The longitude domain for all NAC DTMs is 360 positive east.
  • [_##M] = indicates the pixel scale in meters; used only for supplementary lower resolution products.

Example: NAC_ROI_APOLLO15LOC_E252N0018.IMG is a NAC ROI of the Apollo 15 landing site with low-Sun. C indicates it's the third low-Sun mosaic of the Apollo 15 landing site produced. This mosaic is centered at latitude=25.2N, longitude=1.8E and is in equirectangular projection.

Images used, in order of layering from front to back:
Site Name Peak near Shackleton 105 to 115 degree sub-solar longitude
Center Lat -88.8
Center Lon 124.7
Pixel Scale 1.00 m/px
Image Start Time (UTC) 2011-12-01 01:04:23.483+00
Image Stop Time (UTC) 2011-12-01 12:22:31.714+00
# Images 8
# Segments 48
Incidence Low Sun
Minimum Latitude -89.17
Maximum Latitude -88.44
Minimum Longitude 107.53
Maximum Longitude 141.84
Min Subsolar Longitude 105
Max Subsolar Longitude 115
Image ID Center Lat Center Lon Incidence Pixel Scale
M177340730L -88.59 146.38 89° 1.37 m/px
M177340730R -88.68 147.25 89° 1.37 m/px
M177361050L -88.56 160.92 89° 1.37 m/px
M177361050R -88.63 162.84 89° 1.37 m/px
M177374548L -88.08 77.94 88° 1.38 m/px
M177374548R -88.13 75.79 88° 1.38 m/px
M177381365L -88.50 168.60 89° 1.39 m/px
M177381365R -88.57 171.05 89° 1.39 m/px

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Peak near Shackleton 105 to 115 degree sub-solar longitude low-Sun controlled NAC mosaic (A)

Mosaic (1.00 m/px) (click for more information)

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