Uncontrolled 1 m/pixel South Pole Mosaic

Due to the tilt of the Moon's spin axis (1.54°), some regions near the poles are in permanent shadow while other nearby regions remain illuminated for the majority of the year. This subtle tilt causes lighting changes from lunation to lunation. The poles are most illuminated at their respective summer solstice. Thus, images for the NAC south pole mosaic were acquired centered on the southern solstice (2010-07-23 through 2010-12-11), and layered in order of the greatest incidence angle and sub-solar latitude closest to the pole. The mosaic has a latitude range of -90° to -85.5° and is stored as 40 polar stereographic map tiles.

The tiles are in latitudinal bands of 1.5°, 1°, 1°, and 1° radiating from the pole. There are four tiles in the first band (-88.5° to -90° latitude), eight in the second (-87.5° to -88.5° latitude), twelve in the third (-86.5° to -87.5° latitude), and sixteen in the fourth (-85.5° to -86.5° latitude).

NAC images were map projected onto the LOLA DEM using the LOLA crossover corrected ephemeris. The images were not registered to one another.

Each file is named with the following pattern:
P indicates the map projection (P=Polar Stereographic)
###S indicates the center latitude in 1/10th degrees South (S)
???? indicates the center longitude in 1/10th degrees East

When citing this product, use the following reference:
Wagner, R. V., Speyerer, E. J., Robinson, M. S., and LROC Team. (2015). New Mosaicked Data Products from the LROC Team. In Lunar and PlanetaryScience Conference (Vol. 46, abstract #1473).https://www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2015/pdf/1473.pdf

For more information on LROC Reduced Data Records (RDRs), please refer to the LROC RDR Software Interface Specification (SIS).

South Pole NAC Mosaic

NAC_POLE_P900S0000 - 1 meter/pixel

NAC_POLE_P870S2550 NAC_POLE_P880S2475 NAC_POLE_P892S0450 NAC_POLE_P860S0562 NAC_POLE_P860S3037 NAC_POLE_P870S1950 NAC_POLE_P880S3375 NAC_POLE_P860S2812 NAC_POLE_P860S3262 NAC_POLE_P870S0150 NAC_POLE_P870S0750 NAC_POLE_P870S2850 NAC_POLE_P880S1575 NAC_POLE_P892S1350 NAC_POLE_P860S0787 NAC_POLE_P860S0112 NAC_POLE_P860S1237 NAC_POLE_P870S1050 NAC_POLE_P860S2587 NAC_POLE_P870S2250 NAC_POLE_P880S2925 NAC_POLE_P880S0675 NAC_POLE_P860S1462 NAC_POLE_P880S1125 NAC_POLE_P860S1012 NAC_POLE_P880S2025 NAC_POLE_P892S3150 NAC_POLE_P892S2250 NAC_POLE_P860S0337 NAC_POLE_P880S0225 NAC_POLE_P860S2137 NAC_POLE_P870S1350 NAC_POLE_P870S3450 NAC_POLE_P870S3150 NAC_POLE_P860S1912 NAC_POLE_P870S0450 NAC_POLE_P870S1650 NAC_POLE_P860S3487 NAC_POLE_P860S1687 NAC_POLE_P860S2362

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