Photometrically normalized 7-color semi-global mosaic using Hapke parameter maps

Contents: Photometrically normalized radiance factor (I/F)

Wavelength: 321, 360, 415, 566, 604, 643, and 689 nm

Areal Coverage: 70°N-70°S, 0°E- 360°E

Map projection: Equirectangular (centered at 0°N, 0°E; 400 m/pixel at the equator) using ephemeris data provided by Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) and Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) teams [1] and an improved geometric camera model [2].

Image Source: ~124,300 images acquired by Wide Angle Camera from January 21, 2010 to May 1st, 2013

Photometric Normalization: Normalized to the angles of phase (g) = incidence (i) = 60°, emission (e) = 0° by Hapke bidirectional reflectance function [3] using Hapke parameter maps [4]. The g, i, and e angles were calculated using the WAC stereo digital terrain model (GLD100) [5]. Each pixel value of this mosaic consists of a median of normalized I/F from ~40 months of repeated observations (UV:58-59, visible:136-140 observations in average). For more methodological details, see [4].

Archive Products: The semi-global 7-band mosaic is archived by each band with tiles of 70° latitude by 90° longitude tiles. All tiled product files are named in following manner: WAC_HAPKE_[wavelength, e.g., 321NM]_[projection, E for equirectangular][center latitude x10][N/S][center longitude x10].


Product Name

Latitude Range

Longitude Range


0° to 70°

0° to 90°


-70° to 0°

0° to 90°


0° to 70°

90° to 180°


-70° to 0°

90° to 180°


0° to 70°

180° to 270°


-70° to 0°

180° to 270°


0° to 70°

270° to 360°


-70° to 0°

270° to 360°

Product Citation:

Sato, H., Robinson, M.S., Hapke, B., Denevi, B.W., Boyd, A.K. (2014) Resolved Hapke parameter maps of the Moon. Journal of Geophysical Research Planets 119, 1775–1805. doi:10.1002/2013JE004580.


[1] Mazarico, E., Rowlands, D.D., Neumann, G.A., Smith, D.E., Torrence, M.H., Lemoine, F.G., Zuber, M.T., (2012), Orbit determination of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, Journal of Geodesy, Volume 86, Issue 3, pp.193-207, doi:10.1007/s00190-011-0509-4.

[2] Speyerer, E.J., R.V. Wagner, M.S. Robinson, A. Licht, P.C. Thomas, K. Becker, J. Anderson, S.M. Brylow, D.C. Humm, M. Tschimmel (2014), Pre-flight and On-orbit Geometric Calibration of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, Space Science Reviews, doi:10.1007/s11214-014-0073-3.

[3] Hapke, B. (2012) Theory of reflectance and emittance spectroscopy. Cambridge University Press, New York.

[4] Sato, H., Robinson, M.S., Hapke, B., Denevi, B.W., Boyd, A.K. (2014) Resolved Hapke parameter maps of the Moon. Journal of Geophysical Research Planets 119, 1775–1805. doi:10.1002/2013JE004580.

[5] Scholten, F., J. Oberst, K.-D. Matz, T. Roatsch, M. Wählisch, E.J. Speyerer, M.S. Robinson (2012), GLD100 – the near-global lunar 100 meter raster DTM from LROC WAC stereo image data, Journal of Geophysical Research, 117, doi:10.1029/2011JE003926.

Hapke Normalized WAC Mosaic

3-band color (400 mpp)

Wac_hapke_3band_e350n2250 Wac_hapke_3band_e350n3150 Wac_hapke_3band_e350n0450 Wac_hapke_3band_e350n1350
Wac_hapke_3band_e350s2250 Wac_hapke_3band_e350s3150 Wac_hapke_3band_e350s0450 Wac_hapke_3band_e350s1350

321 nm wavelength (400 mpp)

Wac_hapke_321nm_e350n2250 Wac_hapke_321nm_e350n3150 Wac_hapke_321nm_e350n0450 Wac_hapke_321nm_e350n1350
Wac_hapke_321nm_e350s2250 Wac_hapke_321nm_e350s3150 Wac_hapke_321nm_e350s0450 Wac_hapke_321nm_e350s1350

360 nm wavelength (400 mpp)

Wac_hapke_360nm_e350n2250 Wac_hapke_360nm_e350n3150 Wac_hapke_360nm_e350n0450 Wac_hapke_360nm_e350n1350
Wac_hapke_360nm_e350s2250 Wac_hapke_360nm_e350s3150 Wac_hapke_360nm_e350s0450 Wac_hapke_360nm_e350s1350

415 nm wavelength (400 mpp)

Wac_hapke_415nm_e350n2250 Wac_hapke_415nm_e350n3150 Wac_hapke_415nm_e350n0450 Wac_hapke_415nm_e350n1350
Wac_hapke_415nm_e350s2250 Wac_hapke_415nm_e350s3150 Wac_hapke_415nm_e350s0450 Wac_hapke_415nm_e350s1350

566 nm wavelength (400 mpp)

Wac_hapke_566nm_e350n2250 Wac_hapke_566nm_e350n3150 Wac_hapke_566nm_e350n0450 Wac_hapke_566nm_e350n1350
Wac_hapke_566nm_e350s2250 Wac_hapke_566nm_e350s3150 Wac_hapke_566nm_e350s0450 Wac_hapke_566nm_e350s1350

604 nm wavelength (400 mpp)

Wac_hapke_604nm_e350n2250 Wac_hapke_604nm_e350n3150 Wac_hapke_604nm_e350n0450 Wac_hapke_604nm_e350n1350
Wac_hapke_604nm_e350s2250 Wac_hapke_604nm_e350s3150 Wac_hapke_604nm_e350s0450 Wac_hapke_604nm_e350s1350

643 nm wavelength (400 mpp)

Wac_hapke_643nm_e350n2250 Wac_hapke_643nm_e350n3150 Wac_hapke_643nm_e350n0450 Wac_hapke_643nm_e350n1350
Wac_hapke_643nm_e350s2250 Wac_hapke_643nm_e350s3150 Wac_hapke_643nm_e350s0450 Wac_hapke_643nm_e350s1350

689 nm wavelength (400 mpp)

Wac_hapke_689nm_e350n2250 Wac_hapke_689nm_e350n3150 Wac_hapke_689nm_e350n0450 Wac_hapke_689nm_e350n1350
Wac_hapke_689nm_e350s2250 Wac_hapke_689nm_e350s3150 Wac_hapke_689nm_e350s0450 Wac_hapke_689nm_e350s1350

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