The WAC Digital Terrain Model (DTM) was constructed from WAC stereo images. This new map is called the Global Lunar DTM 100 m topographic model, or "GLD100", and covers 98.2% of the lunar surface. Using digital photogrammetric techniques the GLD100 was computed from 69,000 WAC stereo models. Due to persistent shadows near the poles it is not possible to create a complete WAC stereo map at the very highest latitudes. The GLD100 thus covers from 79° S latitude to 79° N latitude. Since the stereo correlation box is bigger than 100 meters, surface details at the 100-meter scale are not fully resolved. However, each 100-meter square has an average of 26 stereo points within it (for a planet-wide total of 100 billion points), which helps to sharpen the elevation estimate. The resolution, in a formal sense, is probably close to 300 meters, and the accuracy of the elevations is estimated to be about 10 to 20 meters (Scholten et al JGR in press).

The GLD100 is available in the original 100 meters/pixel scale format in ten tiles. The GLD100 is also available in same tile format for scales of 256 pixels per degree (ppd) and 128 ppd. The LRO Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) excels at characterizing the topography of the poles. Since the LRO orbits converge at the poles LOLA provides a very high resolution topographic model of the poles. For the 256 ppd and lower resolution formats the LOLA polar data fills in the WAC "hole at the pole".

The WAC topography was produced by LROC team members at the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

GLD100 WAC Global DTM

100 meters per pixel

Wac_gld100_p900n0000_100m Wac_gld100_p900s0000_100m
Wac_gld100_e300n2250_100m Wac_gld100_e300n3150_100m Wac_gld100_e300n0450_100m Wac_gld100_e300n1350_100m
Wac_gld100_e300s2250_100m Wac_gld100_e300s3150_100m Wac_gld100_e300s0450_100m Wac_gld100_e300s1350_100m

256 pixels per degree

Wac_gld100_p900n0000_256p Wac_gld100_p900s0000_256p
Wac_gld100_e300n2250_256p Wac_gld100_e300n3150_256p Wac_gld100_e300n0450_256p Wac_gld100_e300n1350_256p
Wac_gld100_e300s2250_256p Wac_gld100_e300s3150_256p Wac_gld100_e300s0450_256p Wac_gld100_e300s1350_256p

128 pixels per degree

Wac_gld100_p900n0000_128p Wac_gld100_p900s0000_128p
Wac_gld100_e450n2250_128p Wac_gld100_e450n3150_128p Wac_gld100_e450n0450_128p Wac_gld100_e450n1350_128p
Wac_gld100_e450s2250_128p Wac_gld100_e450s3150_128p Wac_gld100_e450s0450_128p Wac_gld100_e450s1350_128p

Extra Downloads

Additional 16 pixels per degree downloads

Additional 32 pixels per degree downloads

Additional 4 pixels per degree downloads

Additional 64 pixels per degree downloads

Additional 8 pixels per degree downloads