Shaded relief images were created from the GLD100 by illuminating the surface from a given Sun direction and elevation above the horizon. To convey an absolute sense of height, the resulting shaded relief grayscale pixels were painted with colors that represent the elevation (relative to the mean lunar radius). The Color Shaded Relief map is available at 128 ppd in the same tiled format as the GLD100 as well as global files at lesser resolutions. All of the Color Shaded Relief products are available with and without latitude and longitude grids (10° increments).

WAC Color Shaded Relief


128 pixels/degree - Grid

Wac_cshade_p900n0000_128p_grid Wac_cshade_p900s0000_128p_grid
Wac_cshade_e300n2250_128p_grid Wac_cshade_e300n3150_128p_grid Wac_cshade_e300n0450_128p_grid Wac_cshade_e300n1350_128p_grid
Wac_cshade_e300s2250_128p_grid Wac_cshade_e300s3150_128p_grid Wac_cshade_e300s0450_128p_grid Wac_cshade_e300s1350_128p_grid

128 pixels/degree - No Grid

Wac_cshade_p900n0000_128p Wac_cshade_p900s0000_128p
Wac_cshade_e300n2250_128p Wac_cshade_e300n3150_128p Wac_cshade_e300n0450_128p Wac_cshade_e300n1350_128p
Wac_cshade_e300s2250_128p Wac_cshade_e300s3150_128p Wac_cshade_e300s0450_128p Wac_cshade_e300s1350_128p

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