Map of lunar wrinkle ridges.

Map of lunar wrinkle ridges digitized from LROC Wide Angle Camera (WAC) global mosaic and hillshade maps generated from GLD100 Digital Terrain Model. Both imagery and terrain at 100 meter pixel scale were the primary data source for this shapefile. Wrinkle ridges are positive-relief tectonic features found in the mare basalts of the moon. Wrinkle ridges formed through faulting and folding indicate compressional stress. For more specifics on the digitization of this dataset, see abstract: Thompson, T. J., M. S. Robinson, T. R. Watters, M. B. Johnson (2017), Global Lunar Wrinkle Ridge Identification and Analysis, Lunar Planetary Science Conference 2017.

Map of Lunar Wrinkle Ridges Shapefile