Global NAC DTMs

Shapefile of LROC Digital Terrain Models on the lunar surface and corresponding error analysis data. Polygons were created from tracing the colorshade GeoTIFF products in ArcMap. The shapefile uses Moon_2000 geographic coordinate system and contains expanded error metrics compared to NAC DTM readmes.

Selected Shapefile Field Descriptions:

  • pds_name - Unique site name that is included in the PDS name.
  • sitename - Human readable site name.
  • dtm_vers - Version of the DTM, indicates if a DTM has been redone.
  • images - Images used to create DTMs. List of images for mosaics may be retrieved from the PDS website (see URL column).
  • resolution - DTM pixel scale (meters).
  • relat_le - Relative Linear Error. Vertical precision of the DTM, calculated at 90% confidence level by SOCET SET. Based on ground sampling distance, convergence angles, and image matching uncertainty (meters).
  • triang_rms - Triangulation RMS. Root mean square error of the multi-sensor triangulation performed by SOCET SET to align the images.
  • completion - Date the DTM was completed.
  • num_profil - Number of LOLA profiles used to register the DTM.
  • lola_avg - Mean Absolute Error compared to LOLA tracks.
  • lola_rms - RMS error compared to LOLA tracks.
  • adjust_rms - Adjusted RMS error of the final global registration used for LOLA offset calculations. A high adjusted RMS (> pixel scale) may indicate that the lat., lon., and elv. offsets may be larger than reported.
  • lat/lon/elv_offset - Offset from LOLA tracks in meters.
  • ln_jitter - Indicates the presence of jitter.
  • sam_jitter - Indicates the presence of jitter.
  • isis_vers - ISIS version used for image processing.
  • cov_sqkm - Coverage of DTM (km2).
  • conv_angle - Convergence angle between the images in the stereo pair.
  • num_stereo - Number of stereo pairs used to create DTM.
  • url - Link to the DTM on the PDS.

For more information or when citing the use of this product, use the following reference: Henriksen, M. R., Manheim, M. R., Burns, K. N., Seymour, P., Speyerer, E. J., Deran, A., Boyd, A. K., Howington-Kraus, E., Rosiek, M. R., Archinal, B. A., and Robinson, M. S. (2017). Extracting accurate and precise topography from LROC narrow angle camera stereo observations. Icarus, 283, 122-137.

Global NAC DTMs Shapefile