Global mapping of lunar mare boundaries Version 1 (65N and 65S)

Polygon vector map of lunar mare. Three image basemaps were used as reference to generate the file. 1) A monochromatic (643nm) LROC WAC image mosaic, optimized for geomorphology, at a resolution of 100 meters/pixel. 2) A second LROC WAC-derived mosaic, generated from a ratio of bands 1 (321nm) and 3 (415nm), in order to isolate surface compositions high in titanium. 3) A Clementine UVVIS color ratio product (Red: 750nm/415nm, Green: 750nm/950nm, Blue: 415nm/750nm) resampled to 1 km/pixel that is used to distinguish between old highlands and younger mare materials. Polygons we digitized at a scale of 1:200,000 and 1:500,000.

Digitization of lunar mare boundaries from LROC WAC basemap