Global Controlled Mosaic ROI Shapefile

Shapefile of LROC Controlled Mosaic ROIs on the lunar surface. Polygons were created from tracing the corresponding mosaic images in ArcMap. The shapefile uses Moon_2000 geographic coordinate system.

Shapefile Field Descriptions:

  • name - PDS Sitename
  • sitename - Sitename including context and comments.
  • center_lon - Center longitude in degrees.
  • center_lat - Center latitude in degrees.
  • incidence - Average incidence angles in degrees.
  • sun_direct - Sun direction, east or west.
  • resolution - pixel scale (meters).

For more information, refer to: Klem, S. M., et al. "Controlled LROC narrow angle camera high resolution mosaics." Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Vol. 45. 2014.

NAC Controlled Mosaics Shapefile