Anthropogenic (man-made) Features on the Moon

Coordinates of anthropogenic (man-made) objects on the Moon as measured by Wagner, et al. (2017) using Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) NAC images combined with Earth-based laser-ranging measurements. These objects include soft-landed spacecraft, rovers, deployed scientific playoads, and spacecraft impact craters. Coordinates for retroreflectors are from laser ranging; all other coordinates were calculated as described in Wagner et al. (2017). For more information, refer to: Wagner, R. V., Nelson, D. M., Plescia, J. B., Robinson, M. S., Speyerer, E. J., & Mazarico, E. (2017). Coordinates of anthropogenic features on the Moon. Icarus, 283, 92-103.

Shapefile Field Descriptions:

  • SHORT_NAME: An abbreviated name indicating the mission and object
  • MISSION: The mission associated with the feature
  • OBJECT: The type of man-made feature/object
  • LATITUDE: Latitude in degrees
  • LON_360: Longitude in degrees from 0° to 360°
  • LONGITUDE: Longitude in degrees from -180° to 180°
  • RADIUS: Radius of the feature in meters
  • RAD_SRC: Source of the radius information
  • UNCERTAIN: Uncertainty of the coordinates in meters

Anthropogenic Features on the Moon Shapefile