The two Narrow Angle Cameras (NACs) provide high-resolution (0.5 to 2.0 m/pixel) panchromatic images over a combined 5 km swath. NAC images acquired on consecutive orbits, or occasionally over non-consectutive orbits under very similar lighting conditions (e.g. less than 5° difference in incidence angle and the same sun direction), can be combined to create controlled mosaics. A control network is generated to tie the images to the most accurate ground truth available and a bundle adjustment is performed to correct for pointing errors and image alignment. The images are then map-projected using the GLD100 (WAC derived 100 m/pixel DTM) and LOLA derived crossover corrected ephemeris and mosaicked together into an almost seamless mosaic of the region.

Site Name Apollo 11 Landing Site
Center Lat 0.6
Center Lon 23.5
Pixel Scale 0.40 m/px
# Images 2
Incidence High Sun

Images used, in order of layering from front to back:
Image ID Center Lat Center Lon Incidence Pixel Scale
M175124932L 0.63 23.51 41° 0.40 m/px
M175124932R 0.63 23.47 41° 0.40 m/px

Apollo 11 Landing Site high-Sun controlled NAC mosaic (B)

Mosaic (0.40 m/px) (click for more information)

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