North Pole 20 m/pixel PSR Mosaic

Due to the tilt of the Moon's spin axis (1.54°), some areas near the poles never see the Sun, and are called Permanently Shadowed Regions (PSRs) while other nearby regions remain illuminated for the majority of the year. For this mosaic the illumination source is nearby terrain, including nearby massifs and crater walls that are in sunlight. There is no directly illuminated terrain visible in this mosaic.

This 20 m/pixel mosaic extends from 80° N to the pole with Narrow Angle Camera (NAC) images trimmed by the LOLA PSR shapefile to only the PSRs. Controlled NAC Region of Interest mosaics of the PSRs are included when available. In the stretched mosaic each image is clipped to 1% as black and 99% as white prior to being inserted into the mosaic. All of the images in the mosaic can be found in the LROC PSR Atlas available here and described in LPSC 2017 #2469.

NAC images were map projected onto the Wide Angle Camera Global Lunar Digital Terrain Model (DTM) using the LOLA crossover corrected ephemeris. The images were not registered to one another.

The extra downloadable shapefile is a digitization of north pole PSRs (larger than 10 square km) from images created by Mazarico, et al. (2011). To identify PSRs, the horizon elevation was determined from several directions based on polar DTMs. For PSRs from 82° N to 90° N, the polar DTMs are 60 m/px. For PSRs from 81° N to 82° N, the polar DTMs are 240 m/px. For more information, refer to: Mazarico, E., G. A. Neumann, D. E. Smith, M. T. Zuber, and M. H. Torrence. "Illumination conditions of the lunar polar regions using LOLA topography." Icarus 211, no. 2 (2011): 1066-1081.

NAC North Pole PSR Mosaic

Stretched North Pole PSR Mosaic (click for more information)