LROC Observation M116425798L

EDR: LRO-L-LROC-2-EDR-V1.0/M116425798LE CDR: LRO-L-LROC-3-CDR-V1.0/M116425798LC

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Product M116425798LE
Pds dataset name LRO-L-LROC-2-EDR-V1.0
Pds volume name LROLRC_0001
Instrument host LRO
Instrument LROC
Original product nacl000199e9
Product version v1.8
Mission phase name NOMINAL MISSION
Data quality 32
Nac preroll start time (DOY:360) 2009-12-26T00:15:30
Start time (DOY:360) 2009-12-26T00:15:31
Stop time (DOY:360) 2009-12-26T00:15:49
Spacecraft clock partition 1
Nac spacecraft clock preroll count 283479330:62259
Spacecraft clock start count 283479331:19480
Spacecraft clock stop count 283479349:485
Target name MOON
Orbit number 2291
Slew angle -6.78633464050195
Lro node crossing D
Lro flight direction +X
Nac line exposure duration 0.0003376
Nac frame LEFT
Nac dac reset 198
Nac channel a offset 37
Nac channel b offset 101
Instrument mode code 7
Compand select code 3
Mode compression true
Mode test false
Nac temperature scs 0.901
Nac temperature fpa 17.564
Nac temperature fpga -14.819
Nac temperature telescope 11.292
Image lines 52224
Line samples 5064
Sample bits 8
Scaled pixel width 0.46
Scaled pixel height 0.55
Resolution 0.504304565828394
Emission angle 5.28
Incidence angle 85.43
Phase angle 80.15
North azimuth 265.13
Sub solar azimuth 180.53
Sub solar latitude -0.51
Sub solar longitude 68.01
Sub spacecraft latitude -3.88
Sub spacecraft longitude 342.69
Solar distance 147228380.9
Solar longitude 340.93
Center latitude -3.88
Center longitude 342.55
Upper right latitude -3.4
Upper right longitude 342.52
Lower right latitude -4.35
Lower right longitude 342.51
Lower left latitude -4.35
Lower left longitude 342.59
Upper left latitude -3.41
Upper left longitude 342.6
Spacecraft altitude 45.69
Target center distance 1783.27