LROC Observation M106719774R

EDR: LRO-L-LROC-2-EDR-V1.0/M106719774RE CDR: LRO-L-LROC-3-CDR-V1.0/M106719774RC

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Product M106719774RE
Pds dataset name LRO-L-LROC-2-EDR-V1.0
Pds volume name LROLRC_0001
Instrument host LRO
Instrument LROC
Original product nacr000090a1
Product version v1.8
Mission phase name COMMISSIONING
Data quality 0
Nac preroll start time (DOY:247) 2009-09-04T16:08:26
Start time (DOY:247) 2009-09-04T16:08:27
Stop time (DOY:247) 2009-09-04T16:09:11
Spacecraft clock partition 1
Nac spacecraft clock preroll count 273773306:32112
Spacecraft clock start count 273773307:22697
Spacecraft clock stop count 273773351:1323
Target name MOON
Orbit number 869
Slew angle -10.9455554281955
Lro node crossing A
Lro flight direction -X
Nac line exposure duration 0.000832533333333333
Nac frame RIGHT
Nac dac reset 188
Nac channel a offset 71
Nac channel b offset 127
Instrument mode code 7
Compand select code 0
Mode compression true
Mode test false
Nac temperature scs 7.373
Nac temperature fpa 19.523
Nac temperature fpga -7.028
Nac temperature telescope 10.537
Image lines 52224
Line samples 5064
Sample bits 8
Scaled pixel width 1.26
Scaled pixel height 1.26
Resolution 1.26120186114686
Emission angle 10.55
Incidence angle 27.43
Phase angle 37.95
North azimuth 80.15
Sub solar azimuth 184.95
Sub solar latitude -1.09
Sub solar longitude 356.27
Sub spacecraft latitude 0.95
Sub spacecraft longitude 24.33
Solar distance 151239570.2
Solar longitude 221.17
Center latitude 0.96
Center longitude 23.62
Upper right latitude 2.05
Upper right longitude 23.74
Lower right latitude -0.13
Lower right longitude 23.72
Lower left latitude -0.13
Lower left longitude 23.52
Upper left latitude 2.05
Upper left longitude 23.52
Spacecraft altitude 122.49
Target center distance 1859.81